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For installation inside buildings

Greasly-A is a new grease separator model made of polyethylene for free-standing installation inside buildings. Greasly-A are compact, rigid and lightweight but very rigid units at the same time. All separators are equipped with integrated sludge trap.

Rigid and durable design

Advanced design of separator’s body ensures great stiffness and perfect resistance against internal water pressure and higher temperatures.

No bad odour

Access covers are tightened by locking rings with gasket ensuring odour-free operation. There is no need to open cover during the maintenance since accumulated grease and sludge can be disposed through extraction pipe or by means of disposal pump.

Convenient allocation
in the room

The grease separator is maintained from one side therefore it can be set up next to the wall. The accessories (Inspection window, Extraction pipe, Disposal pump) can be attached from both sides.

Fits through
any door

A tight grease separator body (width is only 700 mm of NS2 and NS4) can easily fit through any standard door. Thus Greasly-A is a good choice for installation in spaces with narrow access.

Complete emptying
of the tank

Bottom of the separator is inclined towards the center. Extraction pipe is connected at the lowest point ensuring complete emptying of accumulated grease and solids from the lowest point.


Due to symmetrical design of separator the flow direction can be selected according to existing pipeline layout. Inlet or outlet pipe can be connected on the right or left side of separator.




“Since 1998 ENEKA UAB has been manufacturing wastewater treatment plants, oil and grease separators, underground and above ground tanks, and rainwater systems.

Product quality and modern technology solutions have always been our priority. The entire ENEKA team is working to offer you the most advanced wastewater treatment plant that will last for years. And, of course, at the best price.

ENEKA products are certified and meet the most stringent European standards. As a result, our customers can be confident that the treatment plants will achieve the highest cleaning efficiency today and in the long term.

We always remember that we not only have a responsibility towards our customers but also contribute to the environment. Our wastewater treatment plants are made by rotary molding of polyethylene, i.e., raw materials that are recycled and reused, avoiding negative environmental impacts.

We are pleased that our products are appreciated by our customers not only in Lithuania but also in export markets. ENEKA products reach customers in various countries – from Scandinavia to the Far East.

Let’s be responsible for our choices! “

ENEKA UAB  Director
Edvardas Kuodis


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